Educational Assessment, Support and Tutoring

The identification of reading needs, access arrangements, motor skills and speech and language difficulties is a prevalent factor in schools in the current climate.  With the increase in demand for professional support and funding reductions, educational establishments are often left with high unmet needs for the pupils with mild-moderate difficulties but are a low priority in school settings.

Toni Packer is an experienced SEN teacher who can provide consultancy support for schools and individual support for children funded by parents or school.  Specific dyslexia assessments can be carried out to exclude reading impairments and support pupils in terms of accessing literacy, numeracy and the wider curriculum, according to their needs.

If further needs are identified we work closely with a team of speech and language therapists and occupational therapists which enables us to refer on where necessary for advice and further assessment.  For example:

The Speech and Language Therapists can offer consultancy advice to equip you with the tools to carry out whole school speech and language assessment and therapy, training of staff to carry out specified programmes, assessment for pupils you have identified and therapy to suit your needs.

The Occupational Therapists can provide assessment of fine & gross motor skills, visual perception, life skills, self-care, and functional skills such as handwriting and using scissors.  Support can be provided to develop these skills and advice provided about equipment required to access the curriculum.